DuoQ Boosting

Play with our professional booster, using your own account


There is only one big difference from purchasing win boost and division boost to buy a DUOQ: you could not use your account when the booster is ranking up in the first 2 cases.
With this solution you can personally play with booster in duo, you will be able to climb and learn at the same time watching pro player carrying all winnable game, a good choice could be to save and watch the replay or support the duoq with a coaching, your friends will not recognize you due to the improve of your skills and macro.
By doing this you will not need to be inactive, and it also depends on you to choose if it’s better win boost, division boost or duoq boost, based on the amount of win your account needs to reach the goal of your order.


Let’s find out the best for you, if you can’t stop ranking up but you wanna get a service of boosting duoq is the best choice.
To play in the same game with a pro player is an experiences you should not miss, you can improve your skills just watching how a professional booster can do, accuratly selected players been choosed to give you the higest quality of boosting and coaching.

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