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Get your dream elo today, our booster will play with your account and will reach your desired division


We all know that legue made by multiple stairs like: iron, bronze, silver ecc. within 4 division for each not counting master, grand master and challenger.
Legue of Legends will enter you, if by a new account, into one of these stairs beetween iron and gold, just after the first 10 ranked solo/duo positioning game.
LOL’s system has the good intention of matching same skill player, the problem is that contains some gaps.
Because of this is inevitable that some players fail to achieve the elo they really deserve.
Here we are to solve the problem.


You got the chance to choose your personal booster and ingage him from the wide range of professional high elo players, the pro player will bring your account to your actual elo from your desired one.
You can also just pick a service to play the first 10 positioning game and pop up with not less then 7 garanteed wins, you can choose the lane, the champ, the elo.
If you try to place an order after having examined your requests, you will be given a list with the boosters able to satisfy your purchase or maybe you just want to get better at the game and climb by yourself, then you can get a personal coach that will teach you whyle watch your live gameplay.

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